These glitter flower nails are perfect for so many occasions.. from parties to weddings, graduation, and prom! The great part is that you can change the base color to whatever you want, so, the possibilities are endless!

In case this looks familiar, I’ve done these before on my channel. I decided to take a few of my older videos, and revamp them, since my quality is SO much better now. I’m kinda a perfectionist, so I really want to just re-do every old video of mine, hah! But it’s actually a good thing to go back and see how much I’ve improved, so I’ll restrain myself and leave them up! 😛

Here’s what I used for this design:

OPI – Natural Nail Base Coat

OPI – My Car Has Navy-Gation

OPI – Top Coat

Dotting Tool

Loose Glitter – Glam and Glits Magic Potion #146

Watch how it’s done:

Mix it up or keep it like mine and send me some pics so I can see your take on it! Until next time! xo

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