Have a favorite polish shades but it ends up with brush strokes or streaks? This can happen a lot for metallic polishes, as well as pastels or lighter shades. Below I’ll give you a few tips to help reduce or totally get rid of brush strokes & streaks!

For metallic polishes, apply two coats and let dry. Then, cut a small piece of a makeup sponge and grab it with some tweezers. Apply the polish onto the sponge and carefully sponge onto the nail, covering the entire nail. Finish with your favorite top coat. You’ll be left with a super even, metallic finish!

For regular color shades, apply your base coat, then one coat of color and let dry. Now, apply one layer of a matte top coat. Once the matte has dried, apply another coat of color. Your polish should apply much more even when applying it over the matte layer. Now finish with a top coat.

I also tried using a glossy top coat after the first layer of color, and it worked really well with similar results as the matte. I did notice using the matte layer makes the finish just a tad brighter and more opaque. But, if you don’t have a matte top coat, I think using a glossy one will work just fine!

Be sure to watch my video for the full tutorial!

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