At the beginning of March, I got an e-mail from a producer from The Dr. Oz Show about possibly being in a beauty segment. At first, I thought ‘this isn’t real, right?’, but as I looked further into it, I realized this was from a REAL LIFE producer that was actually wanting me to come to NYC to ACTUALLY be ON A TV SHOW..?!! A week later, I hopped on a plane and headed to the Big Apple.

I checked into The Empire Hotel, got some food, and when down the street to Duane Reade to grab some polish remover because silly ole me forgot it, of course! I don’t think I truly realized what was going on until I got picked up at 7:30am the next morning to go to the ABC Studios a few blocks away.I kept telling myself that I’m not going to be nervous, nope, nope, not at all. But, then I got there, and I could feel the butterflies coming on! Everyone greeted me so nicely, and I was taken to my very own room! After a little while, I went to hair and makeup to get ready for the show. I had to wait a bit since they we’re filming different segments, so I pretty much took 1,247 selfies in my room to try and calm my nerves.At some point in time (because it’s all a crazy blur) I got hooked up to a mic and went out for rehearsal where I finally met Dr. Oz and Bevy Smith. We quickly went through what we we’re going to do, then I went back to Bevy’s room to do a water marble design one one of her nails. Since that’s what I was going to teach during the segment, they wanted me to have it on my one of my nails as well, so I hurried back to my room to give myself an accent nail. Before I knew it, it was showtime!

I was standing with Deepica Mutyala, who was also in the segment for awesome makeup tips & tricks. At this point, I’m terribly nervous. I’m wondering where the heck my confidence went, because it surely isn’t here!! I’ve always been a bit shy and not extremely outgoing, so doing something like this really brought me out of my comfort zone. I knew it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and something I could never pass up just because of my insecurities. But even so, some part of me wanted to just run out. I didn’t, obviously! 😉

All of a sudden, I was at my station watching the first segment being filmed, and then it was time for mine. The cameras and lights all shifted to me, and Dr. Oz started talking. I guess I can say I sort of remember what happened? It all happened so quickly! About half way through, I felt more relaxed because everything was going smoothly. And then bam, it was over! As we all walked off the stage, I felt an incredible feeling of adrenaline, happiness, and relief! Looking back on it, it’s something I would do again and again! I’m so glad I pushed myself to do something that’s unknown to me, because the experience taught me so much.

Once everything was wrapped up, I headed back to the hotel to pack up. We decided (my BF & I) to stay an extra night to enjoy NY, so we traveled to our other hotel in Chinatown and checked in. I REALLY wanted some good pizza (I love food so much) so we hopped on the subway to Juliana’s in Brooklyn. So, SO GOOD!After eating, I grabbed a gift for my parents from the Brooklyn Roasting Company and took a photo of the famous spot under the Manhattan Bridge. We took the scenic route and walked the Brooklyn Bridge back to Manhattan. It was a beautiful warm day which was very lucky since it was the middle of March!To top the entire trip off, I randomly ran into Marnie the Dog in Chinatown!! I was so excited, I couldn’t even remember her name until her owner asked if I know Marnie? OF COURSE! Such a sweet, sweet doggie! This made me so happy.This experience was so nuts and amazing, I couldn’t have asked for it any other way! In case you missed my segment, you can watch it right here! I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of what happens in my life, and hopefully I can share more awesome moments soon!

Until next time! ❤


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