I love astrology so when I heard about the Zodiac Collection from KL Polish, I was super excited! This collection is made up up 12 amazing shades for each sign. Application was nice and smooth and I got great coverage in two coats. So far, these wear very well just like the rest of my KL polishes. Unfortunately, discounts don’t apply to this collection but if you add anything else to your cart, you can get 10% off with my code HANNAHLEE. Alright, let’s take a look at the shades!

ARIES | a vivid hot red-orange.


TAURUS 2 | a neutral deep tan polish with olive undertones.


GEMINI | a beautiful canary yellow.


CANCER | a medium toned blue-gray shade.


LEO | an eye-catching copper polish with gold glitter.


VIRGO | a gorgeous deep gray shade.


LIBRA | a soft cool-toned pink.


SCORPIO | a deep metallic burgundy with the slightly black flip.


SAGITTARIUS | a deep, true purple shade.


CAPRICORN | a metallic forest green shade with a brown flip.


AQUARIUS 2 | a deep metallic colbalt blue with micro multi-colored glitters.

PISCES | a pretty metallic aqua shade.

You can grab this collection and more for $9.50/each at KLPolish.com!

Watch my video for live swatches of this collection!

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