Today, I wanted to share how I clean my nail art brushes since it’s one of the more popular questions I get asked. It’s super easy! I’ll also share some extra tips on how to care for your brushes so you can keep them looking brand new!

First, you’ll want to grab a small glass cup or container and pour a little bit of non-acetone polish remover into it. I recommend using non-acetone remover because it is less drying. Acetone removers are a bit too harsh and can damage the brush over time.

Carefully swirl your brush in the remover and then gently tap it on the bottom of the glass to remove all of the polish. Be sure to check out my video below since it demonstrates how to do everything much better! Once the polish is removed, dab the excess onto a paper towel.

Place a small amount of cuticle oil (or olive, grapeseed oil!) onto some foil and saturate the brush, then dab the excess onto a paper towel, again. This helps moisturize the bristles to keep them from drying out. Then, shape the brush with your fingers to retain it’s original form.

Another option you can use is polish thinner. This works just as good as polish remover but it’s not as easily found in stores. I always get mine at Sally Beauty, but you can definitely find it at other retailers online like Walmart, and Amazon!

Watch my video below to see a more in depth tutorial!

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