Need a twist on your typical French manicure? Try this faded version with some added bling using Swarovski crystals! These are amazing for a wedding or any other special occasion. Plus, they are super easy to do!

Swarovski was kind enough to send me a kit filled with some amazing gems. You can create so many looks with these, but I decided to line them up on my cuticle for chic and classy look.

To apply the crystals to the nail, I used my Crystal Katana which is an awesome tool! One side has a wax tip while the other is a mini metal pole to push to crystal down to set in the glue. This can be used for any project that requires you to apply gems, not only nail art. I love it!

For the gradient, I use Pinky and Paper Snow, both from KL Polish. Pinky is the perfect pinkish nude that works great since it’s on the sheer side and gives a natural look.

Here’s a list of all the products I used the create this Faded French Manicure:

OPI – Natural Nail Base Coat

KL Polish – Pinky

KL Polish – Paper Snow

Nails Inc – Lacquer Lock

Crystal Katana Pickup Tool

Swarovski Crystals for Nails

Don’t forget to check out my video tutorial:

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